Don't Hog The Covers - CD Release
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Bison Record Company is pleased to announce the release of a new CD entitled 'Don't Hog The Covers.'   This CD features 'Sagebrush Crossing' performing 15 delightful cover tunes.  This album is designed to introduce you to wonderful cover tunes as well as to revive your memories of familiar cover tunes.  You will enjoy this CD..

1) Four Strong Winds (listen)
2) Magnolia (listen)
3) Ripple (listen)
4) The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (listen)
5) Wild Horses (listen)
6) Old Weakness (listen)
7) Paradise (listen)
8) The Weight (listen)
9) Two More Bottles Of Wine (listen)
10) Wagon Wheel (listen)
11) Dead Flowers (listen)
12) You Ain't Going Nowhere (listen)
13) Desperado (listen)
14) I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (listen)
15) Hear You Me (listen)