Buffalo Creek Software

About BCS

BUFFALO CREEK SOFTWARE (BCS) is a "mom and pop" software firm which was established in 1986. BCS is located in West Des Moines, Iowa. The software produced by Buffalo Creek Software is normally simple but extremely useful programs. Originally the software was DOS based (written either in Turbo Pascal or Assembler), however, most products are now Windows based. Buffalo Creek Software products are released either as shareware or freeware.

Most software developed by Buffalo Creek Software today is custom programs and freeware application software.


SPITFIRE Bulletin Board System

 Before the explosion of the Internet, the principal product of BCS was a DOS based multi-node, bulletin board software package named SPITFIRE. SPITFIRE was a known and literally operated around the world. While SPITFIRE is a DOS program, it operates just fine in the Microsoft Windows environment. SPITFIRE is still supported by Buffalo Creek Software and the software is still being used. Buffalo Creek Software is grateful to the Sysops and users who supported SPITFIRE over the years. A HUGE thanks. SPITFIRE and related shareware and/or freeware utilities can be downloaded here.